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See some apex predators up close! Sep 21, 09:30PM Sep 29 2017, 01:00PM GabeW
Take the family to the aquarium and see Winter the Dolphin! Sep 21, 09:27PM Sep 26 2017, 02:00PM GabeW
Join Lucky Cat Yoga for some morning yoga at the Dali Museum! Sep 21, 09:24PM Sep 24 2017, 02:30PM GabeW
Head to the Dali Museum for a showing of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. Part of the Dali & Beyond film series! Sep 21, 09:16PM Sep 30 2017, 05:00PM GabeW
Have coffee with an art curator and asking the big question: To couture or not? Sep 21, 09:13PM Oct 04 2017, 02:30PM GabeW
Take the kids to story time at the Dali museum! Sep 21, 09:10PM Sep 28 2017, 03:15PM GabeW
Bring our children to story time at the Dali! Sep 21, 09:09PM Sep 27 2017, 03:15PM GabeW
Head to the Dali Museum with the family and learn about the nature influence on his work. Wear comfortable clothes! Sep 21, 09:06PM Sep 24 2017, 05:00PM GabeW
Go play music with our kids, from classical, to traditional Irish music, we can play them all! Sep 21, 01:00PM Sep 23 2017, 02:00PM GabeW
Head over to City Point and explore the FAD market! Sep 21, 12:59PM Sep 24 2017, 03:00PM GabeW
Stop by the FAD market! Over 50 independent designers will be showing there stuff there! Sep 21, 12:58PM Sep 23 2017, 03:00PM GabeW
Have family day at the Intrepid museum! Sep 21, 12:48PM Sep 23 2017, 02:00PM GabeW
Go to Harry Potter story time! This magical series never gets old. Sep 21, 12:46PM Sep 23 2017, 03:00PM GabeW
Bring the kids to Luna park for a pirate-themed fall harvest! Sep 21, 12:42PM Sep 22 2017, 04:00PM GabeW
Take our kids to a sing-along with Miss Katie! Sep 21, 12:38PM Sep 22 2017, 08:00PM GabeW
Watch our toddler(s) create a masterpiece! Or at least start making one. Sep 21, 12:34PM Sep 22 2017, 01:00PM GabeW
We have musical yoga for the children (ages 2-6) today! Sep 21, 12:29PM Sep 22 2017, 02:45PM GabeW
We have performances from some of Brooklyn's best indie bands: Blond Redhead, Beacon, and even BEARCAT! Sep 21, 12:22PM Sep 29 2017, 11:00PM PioneerWorks
Come together and listen to the stories of Red Hook natives as they tell about their unique lives. Sep 21, 12:19PM Sep 24 2017, 06:00PM PioneerWorks
Celebrate Dais Records' 10 year anniversary! We will have performances from different Dais Records alumni! Sep 21, 12:17PM Sep 22 2017, 11:45PM PioneerWorks