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Check out Sexmob,a NYC-based instrumental quartet, play the instrumentals to a classic film! Jul 25, 12:52PM GabeW
Admire a smorgasbord of cultures and lifestyles @ the Brooklyn Museum! Jul 25, 12:48PM GabeW
See the Bolshoi Ballet! Jul 25, 12:46PM GabeW
See Shakespeare's work turned into a ballet! What an artistic feat! Jul 25, 12:44PM GabeW
Celebrate LGBTQ culture @ the HOT!festival! Jul 25, 12:42PM GabeW
Be amazed by the choreography of ballet in Central Park! Jul 25, 12:40PM GabeW
Be part of an interactive theater experience! Jul 25, 12:38PM GabeW
Do a self-discovery through internet history and make it a visualization! An experience you can't miss! Jul 25, 12:34PM GabeW
Go laugh out loud at Selena Coppock's comedy! Jul 25, 12:31PM GabeW
Eat Jul 25, 04:59AM RobertHana
Escape the heat with an introductory course on tasting, drinking, and enjoying wines! Jul 24, 05:33PM tastewineco
Get up and walk! Meet you at the front gate! Jul 24, 12:48PM GabeW
See some beautiful murals done by talented art students! They can be found on 99 Plymouth Street! Jul 24, 12:43PM GabeW
Wake up to some morning exercise! Jul 24, 12:41PM GabeW
Go see a play based on Greek mythology! Jul 24, 12:33PM GabeW
have dinner and watch the most crazy piano man ever! Jul 24, 12:03AM jtayler
have some macarons and tea! Jul 22, 02:59PM qiqixu8989
practice your crow pose--yoga at Agora Yoga! Jul 22, 02:54PM qiqixu8989
Meditate and color! Jul 22, 01:28PM GabeW
Head to the library for gaming hour! Jul 22, 01:26PM GabeW